From concept to revenue, the modern way.

From concept to revenue, the modern way.

Divine Purpose cultivates a network of brands and enterprises designed to amplify business results for our partners.

25 Years of Experience

Online Business Consulting

  • Clients benefit from the convenience of virtual meetings; this flexibility makes it easier for clients to fit consulting sessions into their busy schedules.

  • Clients can tap into a diverse pool of consultants with the specific skills and knowledge needed for their unique business challenges.

  • Clients can benefit from innovative solutions and receive real-time insights, contributing to more effective and strategic outcomes for their business.

25 Years of Experience

Strategic Marketing Plan Development

A well-developed strategic marketing plan helps clients define clear and achievable business objectives. It aligns marketing efforts with overall business goals, ensuring that marketing activities contribute directly to the growth and success of the business.


We are a dynamic force in driving business evolution and growth. By building and nurturing enduring relationships, we strive to foster a sustainable business ecosystem where each one of our ventures thrives.


We build, invest, and advise, drawing on our vast network and diverse industry experience. Above all, we value trust, collaboration, and excellence in our endeavors.


We uphold the highest level of integrity by putting our partners’ interests first, maintaining confidentiality, and practicing ethical standards. Our commitment to innovation pushes us to embrace fresh ideas and challenge conventional thinking.

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“Outstanding Work”

Your consulting services were a game-changer for my business. Right from the very start, your smart advice and customized plan not only solved problems but also helped my business grow. We made more money, and more people got interested in what we do. What’s great is that you’re not just a consultant; you’re like a helpful friend who really cares about my success. I’d tell anyone looking to boost their business to go with your consulting – it’s top-notch!

Shona Johnson